Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When was the last time...

You 'made' a stranger?

It doesn't count when you notice a gun blogging buddy carrying at a blog shoot.  Though sometimes they fool me.

I mean some random out in the world.  Easier in your state than mine, probably.  Though the last time I saw a IWB Glock was on a motorcycle rider on  95 in Maryland a few years back.

To play this game, your best bet is to park on a bench in a park in a CCW state in nice weather.  (I recommend the park around the City of Willowick Town Hall.)

Though I like to try it when I find myself grocery shopping in Virginia.

This whole topic was more work water-cooler talk. The conclusion was it was too difficult in our state.  When I go fishing I don't expect to catch nothing but lunkers one after another, but I do wanna catch something.  Maryland carriers have further incentive to be really good about their concealment method.  Except that dummy on the bike.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Do I Vote For

For NRA.

Who do I vote for that will keep the world's oldest civil right organization from beclowning itself with a cover like this:

Who do I vote for that will help us get the courts to stick a thumb in the eye of the great state of Maryland and reverse some of our Gun Crow laws.

No seriously, I need timely endorsements.  Not last minute ones.  Links to bloggers.  Bloggers on both sides of our issue.  The Sebastians and from down on Sipsey Street.  I already know who Shannon Watts wants me to vote for...  Any ophthalmologist that can correct that thing with her eye.  (Hey!  No cheapshots, TBolt!  Ok, ok...)

Tell me specifically who you like, and, more importantly, why you like them.  How voting for them is in my interest.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Shoot / No Shoot

Big brouhaha about snipers because of that Chris Kyle movie in theaters, with usual America haters beclowning themselves and insulting professional soldiers. But the dust up does indeed get everyone thinking and writing about sniping.  Even metrocons.

Hanson's gist:  "Oh we don't snipe like in Enemy At The Gates with that old trope of offing a bigwig enemy General in the bath, snipers nowadays are trying to see which civilian is getting ready to turn into a deadly attacker..."

Well yeah. Sorta. A bad thing to do in an area of sniper operations is to pick up a weapon lying on the ground. The rules of engagement probably means you are gonna get shot at right now. And there are no line, really these days, where OVER THERE are a buncha guys and no civvies, and the guys are all wearing uniforms that are different that yours.

But don't act like those days are gone. I guess Victor David Hanson understands this concept, but ti didn't seem to come off so well in this post to me.  Maybe I'm the slowhead.  (Probabyl)  THIS war doesn't have the unarmed uniformed man walking around. But that doesn't mean we are never to see a war like that again or that it wouldn't be perfectly reasonable to snipe private Snuffy of the motorpool or General Hapablap of the Quartermast corp, or Captain Jorgensen, Lutheran reverand of the chaplain corps. At 800 yards it's hard to read the collar insignia. A medic with a white armband might have a better chance with some ROEs.

And you know if civilian-clothes wearing Osama Bin Laden type was positively IDed 800 yards away and wasn't carrying a rifle, he just might get engaged by a Sniper.  Heck, that kind gets a drone now.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nuts! The Truck

Struck me like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

Was the truck used in Gran Torino the same truck Clint used in Every Which Way but Loose?  Did he use the same truck like Jimmy Stewart liked to use the same horse, Pie, in his westerns?  I had to check....

Naw.  Dang.  Not even the same company.  55 Chevy and a Ford.  I remember them being light in color, and that's what set me off.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Novel for Men

Finally!  A book for people like me.  Males.  Older.  A manly book.  Not a boyly book.  Or one of them ubiquitous girly books. 

At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed 

I bet there is gunplay.  And profanity.  And 'adult' situations...

Friday, January 23, 2015


You know I dashed off that e. coli post below without even THINKING of googling it.  What if I remembered stuff wrong from Prof. Doris Zallen's class 25 years ago?  Apparently I didn't.

I guess it's a big difference in generations.  Us oldsters recall things from our mind.  Youngsters know to hit the Googles to be sure.

World War Z II

They might make another World War Z movie, completely divorced from the Brad Pitt offering.

Hey, here's a suggestion. Keep it closer to the source material.  I hate sprinters.  They didn't want to use shamblors in the first movie.  Didn't think them scary enough.  They wanted action/thriller/zombie-horror instead of suspense/zombie-horror, I guess.  But we see from Walking Dead that shamblors can be scary, sometimes.  Just not their TV show versions.  Dang soap opera with no showers...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Listen til tomorrow

Why is this news?

I learned about this decades ago.  And it was old then. 

"Oh, it's such a good thing that scientists developed e. coli that can only exist in a lab environment and dies in the wild!  Imagine is super bug got out that could survive!  It's a new thing!"

No.  It's called CHI1776 or X1776.  Chi is latin for the letter X, and it was developed at the University of Chicago.  In 1976.  Bicentennial year.  Those old enough to remember remember all the Spirit of 76 stuff that was everywhere back then. So, almost 40 years ago.

X1776 allowed genetic therapy to begin.  A few years after this the newsmen announce the first man made life form.  A form of bacteria that ate petroleum oil, so it was good at cleaning up spills.  But didn't last long in the wild so no worry about it eating all the oil reserves in the ground before we refined it into gasoline.

Remember that?

So why is this news again 38 years later?   Bored newspaper people?  People ignorant of Science AND History?

WalMart tackle of an innocent CCWer

Here is the video, via SayUncle.

Why are gun-banners so racist? Because that is what they are.  Gun control started out and has always been to keep guns away from black people. Only recently have the gun banners tacked on: “and keep em from them redneck crackers, too!”

Why are you and yours so dang raaaaacist, Shannon Watts of the gun confiscation group IllegalMayorsAgainstGuns?

One day, one of these liberal wackjobs listening to people like Shannon to go into histrionics whenever they 'make' a CCW person, one day some someone is gonna get killed. And it may be an someone like you and me minding their own business. But that's what the Gun-Banners want, tho. Gin up the crazies, wait for one to pop, and then use them to push their bans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh, Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....


Yeah, I'd need one.  Rumored at SHOT:

Long Walk

We've actually been going over this at work. During lunchbreaks, of course.

If the SHTF and you had to walk home from work in a panicky world, how do you do it? Say, solar event gives us a super EMP, and knocks out all the cars and everything else. All my stored food for months is at my house not in the office...  Not at my office.

 Now such a big event is probably not going to be like One Second After, chances are, and despite what Newt says, but bear with us for the mental exercise.  (I know I know, extremely remote chance.  Actual ICBM strikes from a full exchange is really the worst case scenario, and if I am not dead in the first hits, I am walking home from that.  Prevailing winds will keep the fallout away.  Maybe.)

Back to the EMP scenario, because that's what we were chewing over...

That's a toughy for some of us, as the commute is nasty. 55 miles for one of us. I am at 27 miles. Not easy. A few are less than 5, they need almost no preparation. They could jog it in the winter in less that adequate clothing and make out fine, no food no water, nuthin.

Those of us with longer routes have some obstacles. There's a choke point with single bridge over a large body of water to contend with. You can go around the more rural west side, but that adds many miles. The east side is shorter, but more panicky population areas to get through. I'd say use the train tracks to avoid people, instead of walking on the roads, but that too goes through some populated areas right next to major roads.  Not highways, roads with building and stoplights.

It's a tough nut. But note we HAVE checked the train tracks and old spurs that are trails now instead of tracks.

And in my best shape I really didn't enjoy 20 mile hikes. I am in less good shape now, in my fattened dotage, and have an extra 7 miles to contend with. Where do I hole up on this trek home?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got Nuffin'

Tuesday's after a long weekend are like regular Mondays for blog fodder drought.  The mental cupboard is bare.

Watched Extreme Prejudice this past weekend.  It's sort The Wild Bunch, but made 15 years later and in the 'present' time.  Also Milius instead of Peckinpah.

Why?  Well, a few years back a buncha gun blogs talked about it, putting the bug in my ear.  And I had been hearing about the great John Milius lately, and the queue on my Netflix sorta went that way...  Everthing just came together for this movie to be here this weekend.  Lots of great character actors from the 80s, too.  Ironsides, Boothe, Nolte... but I like that it had Clancy Brown and Rip Torn, too. Initially I thought Matt Mulhern was actually Bill Paxton.   Hard to get more 80s than Paxton.

Plus just about every firearm available in 1986.

And I am wondering if there is any movie Milius is associated with that I don't like?

Monday, January 19, 2015


Where does your firearm budget money go? I mean the biggest chunk. What do you have earmarked for 2015

Some people spend most of their money on guns. All of us had that at one time or another. For one thing, there was a time all of you had zero guns.

Some people will spend more on ammo than any other item. Great! Having fun? Getting some practice in? Competing?

Some will spend mostly on training. Also wonderful. And in most cases it will only edge your ammo budget by a little bit. What with the ammo you'll burn through in the class.

Others end up spending their money on ATF tax stamps... Well, maybe not. It not like there are many suppressors or machineguns going for under $200, and you spend on a stamp you are prolly spending on the other.

It struck me that I am on track to spend the lion's share of my 2015 gun money on smithing and smithing training. And I love it.

If Maryland was different I might have better opportunities to spend more on ammo and training.  Not that I can't go places for that, it's just harder.