Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Years Ago Today

World War I started by those prefidous Bosche.

It would have been my 23 wedding anniversary, today, too.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Fog Blodder

So what am I doing?

Looking for another pair of ears.  To add to the necklace.

That's not Scope mouthwash in my desk drawer at work.  It's a Scope bottle, yes, but it's full of Creme de Menthe.  Yes, I have a problem.

Anyone know where I could find and purchase a bag of lime for cash, no questions asked?  Actually, I am asking for a friend.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Do you recognize these two spooning corporate mascots?  No fair guessing if you have lived in Maryland or Pennsylvania.

There is a third local institution in this picture.  Bengies.   I saw Hancock there.


I need to find the place that sells this for my survival larder, too.  Prolly imported.

Mmmm, that's good sustenance...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cracked Article

About what NOT to do in the event of a Level IV Zed outbreak.

Mostly review for my readers.

Sum up:
  1. Raiding the gun store
  2. Get out of town
  3. Fortify your base
  4. Use melee weapons to save ammo
  5. Always aim for the head

And WHY don't do those 5 things

  1. that's what EVERYONE will be doing and you'll fight zed and each other
  2. traffic jams
  3. you are fixed in place with a patien foe and limited resources
  4. if you can strike at Zed, Zed can strike at you
  5. Sometime a knee shot is fine, if you are heading out of the area anyway.  A shattered pelvis is hard to recover from with full mobility when you were alive, shoot him there.  Headshots are HARD.  Even with lots of rangetime.

Place Holder Post

Hey!  I need a vacation....

Gonna be outta pocket for a little bit.  Please accept the following mess of blog posts I made up a coupla months back.  There are very few morse code posts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Probably Not Helping

At Dealy Plaza. Grassy Knolling it.

Look, buddy, the trick is to make the gun banners look like the crazed lunatics.  That's how we move that ball down the field.  We want to look reasonable.  Make the bad guys seem unreasonable.  Stop helping.   Plus Birther stuff... bleh...


Is shaving cream a racket?

If it is, I've gone whole hog the other way, into hipster British shave preparations and fine badger fur shave brushes.  Ima Geo F Trumper Limes man.  More expensive than Colgate foam, but it smells so GOOD.  Sixteen bob a jar.

But I've always been a wet shave man.  Never was happy with an electric razor.  Military school frowned on them anyway.  You couldn't get a close enough shave.  I remember when Dad switched to a Trac II cartridge, so that's where I went.  When Dad did go to 2 blades instead of the safety razor he had a lot fewer little bits of bloody Kleenex dabs on his face. 

But nowadays, the quality of the blades doesn't seem as good, and they only come with that slime strip that I loathe.

So, what to do, if I couldn't find the cartridges I wanted?  Switch to those 6 bladed jobbers that cost $12 a week?  No, I stepped back.  To the safety razor!  And good blades that are yet very cheap.  This is 2 years worth of blades.  One fifth the cost.

The trick to fewer cuts is to get a decent blade holder that works for you.  I bet that was Dad's issue.  A crappy holder.

But I was always intrigued with stories of my blind grandfather, shaving in his personal darkness with a straight razor in front of a mirror he couldn't even see.  So, for one year, every Saturday or Sunday...  I finally worked up the nerve to use one of these.

Surprisingly, my trepidation was unfounded.  I only shave with the grain, and don't have the skill to get as close a shave as with a safety razor, but it feels good.  And I like mastering a new skill.

And yes it is pretentious and hipster.  Not stopping me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beretta Super Rifle

Is this a troll or something?  Is some gunnie pretending to be anti gun and also writes Yahoo copy writing this story about the ARX100?  Which is apparently extra powerful and a bargain at $1950, but that doesn't include bullets.  Tell me that article is made up to be funny. 

"Gun company Beretta is tone deaf when it comes to calls for restrictions on powerful guns sold in the United States. It must be the chance to make money."

"Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful."

"In common usage, 'tactical shooter' is one of the descriptions of video game features."

Super rifle?  It doesn't look like a Garand...

Beretta Move

Others mention the move of the Beretta factory from Maryland to a friendlier state... Tennessee.  Good on Beretta and Tennessee.

Others also noticed that the southern region of this country lost the first civil war because they were against freedom and all the good manufacturing was in the north.  Thus losing on moral and material grounds before the first angry word.


You know bird watchers.  They have this thing.  A Life List.  A personal journal where they record all the different varieties of birds they personally run across.

Well, I know some folks that have a Life List of a different sort.  For MEAT.  ANd here is a source to help you work your way through your list.  Exotic Meats.  Lion and Guinea Fowl and Zebra.  Gembok. 

No horse on their list, but I've seen other supply houses that can get you that. 

Hey, I'll try anything once.  Well.  Most anything.  No Long Pig of any form for me, thank you.  And I'm not keen on housecats or domestic dogs. 

Oddest stuff I've already had?  Gator, I guess. Scrapple.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zed Studies

I should put this on my Amazon Wishlist.

Zombology, the study of zombies.  I coulda gotten my Masters degree in this?

Trigger the Vote

Just spread this about some.


The well is dry today.  But I am working on something for tomorrow.  I think.  Bit distracted.  Feelin poorly and my car is also sick.

He asked for blog fodder

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