Monday, April 20, 2015

This Writer Hoo Ha Stuff Goin on

I hate Socialism.  With a white hot fury.  All flavors of it.  Murderous tyrants, all.  I joined the Navy with the goal in mind of leading 12 men on missions over the North Atlantic for the purpose of killing 300 Russian Socialists underwater to keep them from killing 30,000,000 Americans.  The Cold War ended and I didn't have to do that. 

I like reading Eric Flint

I'd read and re-read his stuff all day long, but I'd never vote for him to be in charge.

The Socialism he cottons to doesn't impact my enjoyment of his work one whit.  Well maybe a quarter of a whit.  So instead of enjoying his stuff 100%, I enjoy it 99.75%.  Well within the margin of error.

Sure, he is sympathetic to Socialistic ideals in his work, but it's not all pervasive and it's not trying to convert me in whatever way.  The bad guys in his works also have a hint of tyranny and socialism.  And that makes them bad guys.  Well, the tyranny part, certainly.

I don't 'get' the whole "eschew the artist because of his views" thing.  Like Wagner being tainted because Hitler liked him and he held typical 19th German Gentile anti-semitism.  Or H Rider Haggard seeming too white, too Imperialist, too South African to be enjoyable.  Or refusing to listen to Maya Angelou poetry because she was an 'angry black woman.'  Reject their work because you don't like the Sturm and Drang, the stilted language, the hackneyed simplistic imagery.  Or enjoy them because you find it rousing, is able to transport you to another time and place, or lilts along in a manner pleasing to your senses.

But that's just me.

Same with Atheism vs The Devout.  I don't care either way unless you are annoying to me about it.  No one likes rabid fervent proselytizers.  Among believers too.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We considered calling ourselves Marylandians. Meh.

Also Marylhaggards, Marysiedotes, and Marshmelons. Didn't stick either.

We will be O'Marylanders when O'Malley is elected to be the next president of the United States of America in 2016!  'Hooray,' I can hear you shouting.

We Marylanders

Haven't had a politician in a prominent position since Spiro Agnew.  I'm sure O'Malley will comport himself in high office as well.

Get to know him

YOUR next president.

You know that really good thing that happened to you recently?  O'Malley says, "you're welcome!"

Finger on the port?

An interesting solution to the problem of "put the finger away from the trigger" which most of us already do, "AND put the finger in a place that finds a spot that is ALWAYS in the same place in relationship to the trigger so it is muscle memory to find it when needed."

And you know what? The firing port on most semi's is in the same place from model to model. For the most part. There are exceptions, of course. And the port is in the same relationship to the trigger from model to model.

For right handers.

There is a little more variance on the port side of the gun for us Southpaws. But not enough to get yer knickers in a twist.

But no matter what YOUR gun is the same day after day. Getting that extendo finger in a non trigger 'spot' for registration does sound like a good idea.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

You can never trust cops

At the gun range.   Something bad always happens.


Ever have a beer that tastes of old sweatsocks?  Beef broth? 

A beer you have had before and was great then?

If you can, try to determine when the beer was bottled.  It might be on the bottle, six pack, or case.  A 'best before' date means it was bottled about 3 months before that date.

Or was the beer left under the lights at the store outside of the opaque corrugated cardboard case?

Old stale light struck beer.  Avoid it.  For maximum enjoyment. 

Military Industrial Complex

Leftists always like to bring up Ike's speech.  Especially Academics.  "See, even a Republican war hero argues against military spending!" They say.

They always forget this part.

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific/technological elite.

– Dwight Eisenhower 1960


You eggheads are just as bad as the arms merchants in cahoots with the generals.  Look at all yer socialism and falsified CAGW information.  Stop trying to convince me that I want to freeze to death in the dark, soap-dodgers and billionaires.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Odd things that can go wrong 5...

With your 1911.

What happens:
You keep hitting the slide release, letting it slam, into battery, with no magazine or ammo to slow down the slide.  Over and over.  Just messing with your empty gun, or once or twice a range trip over many range trips. 

What this causes:
Well the hammer and sear bounce against each other when you do.  Preening and knocking chunks off the sear face or hammer hooks.  NOW your 1911 may go full auto.  Bad bad .

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Trekkers

A) Nice AR stock!  Anyone know who makes that kind?

B)  Does this mean Stormtroopers can hit stuff now?

The kitchen table?

"T-Bolt, why do you do your gunsmithing sitting at the kitchen table?  You are just perpetuating a hateful stereotype among us amateur gun breakers.  I mean gun SMITHS."

Well, I'll tell you, loyal reader.  Most of the stuff I do at home doesn't require a vise.  If it did... well...  I'd have to do that in the shop.  A big plus the kitchen holds for me is the ugly yellow linoleum floor.  If I drop a part in the dark basement among the detritus and wood shaving there... It's gone.  I can SEE that little pin from the plunger tube on the kitchen floor, easy.

If I have to do dremel work, I do that on the porch if I can.  Natural light, and less dust inside the kitchen.  For instance you can sand a radius with the larger dremel sanding wheel into the top of the grip safety.  With this clearance you can take off the beavertail grip safety without removing the mainspring housing.  A big plus at times.

You can get grip safeties already modified, but doing it yourself isn't too hard.

Instead of this:


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Implications

Of the Zombocalypse.

That did it.

I fixed it.  The original grip safety had more meat on the little tab and works safely.

The barrel is no good.  And the slide is munged up by the barrel hood.  And the sear no longer meets my standards.  It's fine.  Shoots ok.  It's not unsafe.  But longterm I expect I might swap out the barrel and slide when I learn how. 

I am trying to convince the boss to have a sear-hammer class.  JUST sear and hammer.

"Why did you dump the original grip safety in the first place, T-Bolt."

I've explained before, I think.  I like the smooth grip safeties.  Not ones with a bump back there.  I never have an issue with my grip not depressing the grip; the extra bump is just uncomfortable for me.

Ooo, another word on grip safeties.  Springfield uses a different radius than other gun makers.  A .220 radius rather than the .250 radius.  Pain.  See, here.  My favored style is on the left.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hey, it's Buy a Gun Day tomorrow!

And I might just do so.  Or at least explore the idea after work.  You see, I need a Caspian frame for a 1911. 

"But T-Bolt, I thought you weren't gonna play Maryland's reindeer games?"

True, but it turns out I don't need to take the state Handgun Handling Qualification and Safety Class mandated by Martin O'Malley.  Or it seems I may not have to.  I already have handguns known to the State of Maryland.  So I am grandfathered in.  I have to confirm, of course.  It may just be a matter of proffering up a serial number they already know about.

Plus a stripped frame is kinda confusing.  You can spin one of those around in public here and people don't think you have a gun.  Unless they are gunnies themselves and know it's no big deal.  An inert piece of metal.  Even an ATF dude might probably go 'meh' if he saw that.  But Maryland Democrats are kinda clueless.  What I am saying is that the folks that would get upset if they knew won't know a thing.  So, I play their games and play one back.

Anyway...  What should my serial number be?  T-BOLT-001?  I don't think I will be making more than 999 pistols, so, 001 should be ok.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Have you?

Have you read MBtGE's book Still Falling?  It's good!  And a decent bargain on Kindle if you are short the dough.

The trick is to get bigger fish than me to plug it.   But once word gets out I bet it zooms.

Best part, the second book is near done, and the 3rd ain't that far away either.  If you DO like it, the next book will be out presently.