Friday, December 19, 2014

Are you my Mummie?

And here I've been worried about the Zombie threat when a much worse menace was lurking 'neath the dunes. A cemetery with ONE MILLION MUMMIES in it! What caliber for mummies? IT DOESN'T MATTER! They are impervious! You need a flamethrower or tracer rounds. Then you have to defile the corpse.

Note Mummies. Not Daddies. Just further proof of how far back the feminazi conspiracy goes.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poo Pourri really works!

For Future AR10 Reviews

What is wrong with this gun review?

Well not WRONG per se...

 No talk about the magazines. It's great that Remington is making a AR10 style hunting rifle, and I might be kinda interested in getting one, but one lacking bit of info makes me put off pulling the trigger on that purchase possibility. The magazine.

Now when I say I am selling an AR15 you know what magazine will fit in it. If your gun manufacturing company comes out with a different type of .223/5.56 mag fed rifle that isn't an AR but you don't make it take STANAG mags you have a rough row to hoe in selling that (I'm looking at YOU FN and Beretta...). The AR15 magazine is pretty darn standard.

Not so the .308/7.62 magazine market. And some .308 magazines are made out of platinum and diamonds, it seems, going on the price. ANd I'm not just talking between M14 and FNs and SCARH and AR10... The magazine is different BETWEEN AR10 models!

Like this rifle. It'd be nice if reviewers tipped the reader off on how hard it is to find and buy 3 spare magazines for his new gun and whether any of those will fit what he has at home.

It's why I haven't bought the Ruger Scout already. It's magazines don't fit my M1A.

Seems like the industry could get together and settle on a standard and make a deal with MagPul to make hordes of quality $18 mags....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First firearm

Tam mentions her first centerfire rifle was a Lee Enfield.  Oooo, that's some good street cred right.  Pretty cool first.  Bad ass little piece of history.

That got me to thinking.

What was you first 3 centerfire guns?

I lucked out.  Big time.  My father in law gave me a rifle that his father probably bought surplus.  A 1942 armory rebarrelled Springfield 03.  In pretty sweet condition.  It was in a ratty old sheepskin sleeve in the rafter of the basement.  I replaces that disintegrating old leather cover with something new and whole.  He noticed I cared enough to do that, I might as well be the custodian for it.

Not bad, huh? 

I might have been real jealous of Tam's first rifle, the Enfield, ifn this one wasn't so good.  So good for both of us.

After that it was a S&W 686, and then a 7.62x51mm 'Navy' Garand.
M1E14Mk 2 Mod 0M1 Garand variant; rechambered in .30 T65/7.62x51mm NATO with press-in chamber insert

After that I started this blog and things got a bit jumbled...  Still.  A babe-in-the-woods, rank n00b, those are a good set of 3 to start with.  And one was totally accidental.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One thing about a gun registration scheme

After they get that, and then later start the confiscation scheme that is was really all for...  Well, this isn't the same gov't we had 65 years ago.  I don't think they are competent enough to pull it off.  They got too much on their plate.  They'll just scroo it up.


You want federal universal background checks? Sure. No problem. But what are you offering in return?

This is politics. I mean, the last time gun control laws were passed nationwide there hadn't really ever been a SCOTUS ruling. Now there have been a few and it's not longer a gray area. It's a right. So, lets start with that. You anti-gun pols gotta admit it's a right and you were wrong all along. Just words. Easy peasy. Like nothing.

It's been almost 50 years since the 1968 Gun Control Act. You are right, that needs fixing. Let's repeal it. I mean, what's the point? If someone says yes on a 4473 question and is lying and thus has committed a felony, well... no one cares. No one get's prosecuted. Why bother filling out the form if it is menaignless. You are gonna call it in with a NICS check anyway and that covers your 4473 questions right there.

Now, the background check itself. You don't want to get those fat cat gun dealers a source of revenue, do ya? You people clamoring for a universal background check regime don't like them anyway, so why enrich them? Make it something like a mark on a persons DL. I know the state does driver licenses, but you have no qualms about unfunded mandates for the states. Or withholding highway funds until they comply. It's how you got the states to change the drinking age to 21. So now have a little box on the DL that says 'yes' or 'no' on allowed to purchase guns so regular people can sell to regular people without a gunstore intervening. Everyone's happy. If someone BECOMEs a prohibitted person you can punch a hole on the 'yes' part and then order them to get a new license ASAP.

Another thing this helps. You people that want Universal Background Checks say you don't want to confiscate guns from the law abiding and you certainly don't want to start up some illegal gun registration regime. You swear up and down you don't want that. And I for one BELIEVE you! You are right. So, I'm sure you don't have a qualm about accepting one little suggestion on the new system. Don't include serial numbers in the check. I mean it doesn't matter, right? Pistol or Shotgun or Long-gun. Maybe a caliber. That's plenty. See, this will make passing a UBC law more palatable to those crazed gun clingers that are more skeptical of your motivations and schemes than I am. They think you are all about incrementalism and slippery slopes toward disarming the country. Bushwa! You and I know it CAN'T be that, uh-huh... Anyhoo. This should put their unfound fears to rest. You get what YOU want, my side get's a few things in return. Not all we want, but a good starting point. It's Win Win!

So, $20 transfer fee and some kind of web submission listing the name and DL numbers of both parties, the app responds with a tracking number and NJT in Maryland buys a 'long gun' from MBtGE in Virginia.

Oh that's one other thing you should do. THis isn't 1968 anymore and we have a nationwide NICS system so that prohibition against selling pistols across state lines is obsolete. So I could sell a pistol to MBtGE if I wanted an it'd be fine.

Might as well drop suppressors from the NFA tax stamp regime, too. A ban on that was silly to start with. Put that in the bill to sweeten it. What else? Some other small stuff. Like protections so someone can hand a pistol to someone else at the range to try it out or loan a rifle to a hunting buddy because his is broken that week. Little stuff. Fine tuning. Pre-emption over some state laws...  No biggee, but helps the medicine go down.

So this will be a big bill and everybody can shout and tear their shirt "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!" "Think of the CHILDREN!" etc... and then pass it in the end anyway and we are all good.

There, solved it for you.

(Serendipitously, after I composed this post I noticed Sebastian did this.  Heh.  Yeah, stole my Thunder... bolt...)

Monday, December 15, 2014

And I didn't know that.

I had no idea the Army was looking for a replacement for the M1911A1 back in the mid 1950s, but gave up on it after a while.  And that trial got us the S&W Model 39 pistols thereafter.  Neato Torpedo!.

I am sure that this was part of the big modernization that the Army was goin through post wars.  Sorta thing that lead to the M60 and M14 and the NATO standard rounds that was .280 then .308.  Plus other dead ends like the salvo guns.  Heck the M14 is practically a dead end.  I had read up on most of that stuff, but never remember the Model 39 mentioned. 

The 39 was NATO standard 9mm.  And a DA gun.  Nobody was ever happy with how much training it took to get good at the 1911 and, more importantly, to get safe with it.  1950s Private Joe Snuffy, conscriptee, needed something more E-3 proof, I guess.

(I found, even in more modern times...  If you double locked a Seaman First Class Schmuckitelli in a room overnight with nothing in it but him and two bowling balls, in the morning you'd find him, one bowling ball broken, and the other missing.  50/50 chance Schmuckitelli would be visibly drunk, too.  If not visibly drunk it just means he is doing a professional job maintaining his military bearing, but is still in his cups.  Hold fast, shipmate!) 

Anyway.  Like the M60, it looks like the army was interested in the German engineering of our vanquished foe, and wanted the 39 sorta based on the Walther P38.  Sheesh, did we have to steal EVERYTHING that wasn't nailed down from them Krauts?  Say what you will about the AR platform, at least it isn't based directly on a Squarehead design.

The 39 lead the 59, and then I get too deep into the weeds of 20th Century all metal Smith semi-autos.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anyone Know?

I know a .44 magnum can penetrate one car door, then pass right through the other car door, with ease.  Not so much other handgun cartridges like .40 and .45 and 9mm...  They generally when through the one door and stayed in the car after that. 

But I don't remember or know what an ordinary round of .357 magnum would do?  Both doors?  Pistol, or carbine, to go through both doors?  Hmmm...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Who knew?

Pandas got the Gun-Kata.

Cemetery Gun

You know, for grave robbers.

I have left instructions to my family that in the event of my death I am to be BURIED.  None of this cremation Boolshyte.  And, and this is important, I must be buried in a rented tuxedo.  After the service, the rental place must be instructed what happened to the tux and why my family won't be coming back for the deposit.  Hey, if you can leave instruction on what to do with the life insurance money then what is the point.

Now, this is giving me further ideas:


I've run into Larry Weeks at various gun blog thingies a time or two.  A self-effacing sort.  Gracious.  Sometimes quiet.  And me being a n00b barely recognize who he is and what he's about whenever I see him, to my shame.

I wish I had gotten into the whole gun thing 10 years sooner so I might have had more chances to run into and hand with Larry.  LURVE Brownells.  Sure, their are other sources of supply.  There are better deals to be had elsewhere, sometimes.  But if you need something and no one else has it, check Brownells...  You will find it there.  Thanks for your work making Brownells Brownells, Larry.  Enjoy your retirement.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Good point.  Bigger is better, yes, sometimes.  And certainly correct when written, in the 19th C.  As .30 cal was underpowered and thus undesirable, then.  But when velocities went up that changed everything. 

If it was possible to up pistol caliber velocities by a factor of 2+, then switching from .45 to .38 or even .25 would make a lotta sense. As it is... With your pistol caliber selection, pretend you are firing a rifle but restricted to black powder as a propellant as you'd have been 140 years ago.   Of course you go with Big and Slow when your only alternative is Small and Slow...


Why should I trust a 22 year old opinion when I have a perfectly good 110 year old one.

Sheesh.  Folks sure get worked up about their 9mm rounds maybe being good enough ever 20 months or so.  Someday, maybe, Wonder-Nine.  Someday. 

They're the same, no they're not, they both suck, one is clearly better.  Yay.

I dunno why, but I do enjoy the caliber wars.  Even the old hat, chestnut, hoary old arguments that are wrong and have heard countless times repeated by individuals I trust as much as Jimmy Carter.  But especially I enjoy the stuff from the smart people I normally listen to.  The folks that if they told me my mother never loved me I'd look into it to see if they might be onto something.  I like witnessing caliber wars, but no so much fighting them.  One is fun for me, the other only fun for a little while.

And if we consult dead people...  The guy that invented the Tommy Gun and the JMB(pbuh) sorta liked the .45.  Yup. The 9mm was the brainchild of some German that liked using pretentious Latin mottos like si vis pacem, para bellum, but couldn't spell his own name right.  It's GEORGE, buddy.  The Germans haven't won major a war since they adopted the cartridge.  It DOES have decent velocities and energies for something only .38 in diameter and with a such a short 'bottle'.  .38 special has a lot more 'room' but no where close to the performance.  I blame smokeless powders for that difference.   And being unable to change something after you've settled on how itsa gonna be in the ammo world.

In other news, last range trip, I am getting slightly better shooting Glock models. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

and thus Sitemeter is done

Hour  12/4   12/5   12/6   12/7   12/8   12/9  12/10   Total
---- ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -------
1      35      4      8      8      7      9      4      75
2      25      7      3      4      1      1      2      43
3      13      3      5      3      1      1      3      29
4       8      3      3      4      4      2      2      26
5       5      3      4      3      2      1      0      18
6      11      3      1      2      3      3      6      29
7      15      8      4      6      8      9      5      55
8      22      8      6      6      7      2      9      60
9      32     13      7      8     13      9     11      93
10      46     16     12     13     12     13     12     124
11      33     26      6     13     16     14     13     121
12      62     22     10     10     16     18      0     138
13      39     18     14     12     11     13      0     107
14      40     10     13      8     14     17      0     102
15      35     22     14     13     17     11      0     112
16      20     16     11      9     10     13      0      79
17      24     22      7      8     19     12      0      92
18      23      9      8      8     11     12      0      71
19      31      9      9      7      9     11      0      76
20      31      8      2      9     19     15      0      84
21      28     16     17      8     15      6      0      90
22      17     15     11     15     18     11      0      87
23      16     16     13     14     13     12      0      84
24      10     12     14      6      8      8      0      58
    ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ -------
       621    289    202    197    254    223     67   1,853

I still get confused

I memorize gun facts.  Then some fade away... over time.  Because I am a slow head and don't work in a gun shop day after day.

For instance... Smith and Wesson Model numbers.  Three digit number starts with a six?  Gonna be stainless.  Start with a 5... something else.  I think lighter. 

And the frame letters!  Ok!  J frame is easy.  Snubbies.  X frames is those ginormous .50 calibers.  N, M, L, K...  Uh oh.   One of those is not used anymore, and I think it is the K, and a bit obsolete.  N is a beefier frame and my 686 might be that.  No wait!   Is it L?  L is... less beefy than the N maybe?  N is the .44, I am pretty sure.  Large frame.  Not as large as the X.  And does the M even exist? 

Stuff I should already know without having to resort to Google.

Without Google, smallest to largest and still widely produced by S&W you get:  J L N X.  Hey, I was right!  But it was a mental struggle