Saturday, April 30, 2016


I rarely have them.

In the dream, there was an intruder in my house. I 'woke' in the dream, thought something was fishy, and went to the front door. The lock was busted, so, I figured the bad guy was in the basement, as he wasn't in the living room or my bedroom. I was pretty sure. I didn't know, see?

I was armed in the dream, of course. A snubbie with a Crimson Trace laser. I really need to improve my "bump in the night" options. And I was scared enough I knew that stress would really throw off my shooting if that became necessary. You gotta calm yourself as much as possible, I don't need to tell you. That's a big part of the training I am doing at the gunsmith's shooting similator and range trip. Ramp up the stree to get used to dealing with it and endeavor to stick with the fundamentals.

But in the dream, I wasn't dealing with the mortal dread very well. And I knew it, in the dream.

Then there was a flash. Like a nuke touched off. But in the basement. My conclusion was the bad guy was messing with the circuit breaker box downstairs. Which is fine by me. I don't need light in my own house.

Then I woke up.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Dunno if any of you saw this

Some kid in Baltimore was carrying a BB gun that looked like a Beretta.  And the cops shot him.  They couldn't tell from looking at it.  The kid was just injured and will be ok, but here is a picture of the replica gun and the

Which one is real which is fake?  I knew right away, but I have advantages that most reporters don't have.  This is close up.  At a greater distance and moving around and in a hand I don't know how a cop would instantly spot a fake in time to not have already acted on the assumption it is real.


The story got over-shadowed by the guy in the panda onesie outside a Bawlmer TV studio with a suicide vest with candy bars instead of dynamite upset about Bernie losing Maryland or something.  He also got winged by the cops for the trouble because at a distance, that could be Semtex.  What a world we live in.  They oughta sell tickets.

[Correction:  HEDGEHOG onesie.  I regret the error. -ed.]

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Talked about S&W


If your Smith isn't timing offa one or more notches.  The hammer drops before the little pawl in the bottom engages... 

Maybe don't send it to S&W pro shop for service. 

Which is a difficult decision as it is difficult to get replacement parts for you revolver.  Smith isn't in the habit of selling them to you without them fitting it for you too. 

You can send you gun in with one of six not timed right and get it back with 3 of 6 not timed right.  S&W just holds to the 50% rule for themselves.  If you are dissastisfied they might agree to trade you.  Send you a different gun entirely.  Usually a gun not as valuable, tho. 

It's just a bad time for Smith revolvers right now.  ARs and M&P are reportedly just fine, but the revolver side of the house appears to be in a nadir.   And this from the gunsmith, not me.  Now, sure they could reverse the trend by buckling down.  Let's hope.

Weerd says Springfield will fix it. Uhhh, is that what you meant, Weerd?  Springfield?  Cuz it's news to me that Springfield is doing S&W work.
  Perhaps awesome if true.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When you are jonesing

To be a hobby machinist and a gunsmith it is important to avoid video series like this one by Waffenschmiedin. (German for 'gunsmith')

Or you end up making a hash of it after blowing thousands and thousands on tooling. But what fun that would be if my pockets were bottomless and my skill set deeper. Neato torpedo

But watch the whole series.  She's not done yet, but it does satisfy my curiosity on a lot of things.  Like the rifling cuts using a modern lathe. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ground Game

Election day.

Kasich's peeps called me trice. 

The Jewish Community Research Council called me twice, but didn't endorse anyone specifically. 

Jeff Jones called me for a congressional vote.  So did Aryen Shudofsky.

That's it.  None of the front runners cared about my vote. 

Jeff Jones?   On guns he says

I don't want to take guns away from responsible citizens. It is a Constitutional right. But we need help getting to reasonable limits as to who can own guns and what type and for what reason. Background checks can protect school children from being killed in their classrooms, or our children attending a movie should not have to worry about whether they get to go home or not. Access to guns should be limited. It might also be helpful if licenses were issued with the kind of arrangements driver's licenses are controlled. It should be renewable, it should be considerate of age and ability etc. there ought to be classes required for gun safety and possession guidelines. Hundreds of children shoot or kill friends or siblings because they find a loaded gun where it shouldn't be. Maybe regulation could come in the form of ammunition control. How many bullets do you need to hunt for food? How many bullets are going to be needed if you want to protect your home and belongings from an intruder?

So, yeah, an idiot.  And the other guy that called, Shudofsky is a Toomey-Mankin man.  Nope. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

You too can screw up

Saw this in JayG's Facebook. 

You, Too, Can Screw Up a 1911

Don't I know it.   And you can do worse than that. 

My only issue with it is the 'all cheap 1911s are bad.'  Yes, pawn shop cheapies... someone is trying to sell his gunsmithing problem away.  But Armscor guns... I'm sorta converted on them.  And those are cheap.  If they used slightly better steels they'd be darn good instead of just good.

And limp wristing.  I'm also coming around on a gentler, relaxed grip.  For recoil control.  But that isn't really limp wristing.  The wrist is rigid enough, and something for the recoil to push off of, it's the grip that is light.  So apples and oranges, I guess. 

But that's just what I've been going by lately.  I need a lot more practice before I have any sort of authority.  It's just where I am now, in the journey.

Stand by for Bupkis Tuesday, tomorrow!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Got it back

The grips look good?  They had to be fitted a little, the grips stuck out too far at the 'back strap'.

Also, the timing is now good.  Never buy an S&W revolver unless it times on every cylinder.  That means the pawl underneath engages the notch in the cylinder in double action before the hammer drops.

And... just for giggles he smoothed up the trigger.  Like buttah! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016


I know that guy!

I met him at an NRA convention.

And, hey, look!  He's talking about Gun Crow laws.  Good for him.  Thank you Mr. Cooke. 

Can you imagine if, after 1965, they got rid of all the other Jim Crow laws, including the prohibitions about black people acquiring the tools to defend themselves, but forgot one of the other ones?  Like, all the other Jim Crow laws were repealed but the separate drinking fountains was still a thing?  And people just went along with that, like it was ok?

In 1834, alarmed by Nat Turner’s rebellion in Virginia, Tennessee amended its state constitution to make this purpose unambiguous, clarifying that the “right to keep and to bear arms” applied not to “the freemen of this State” — as the 1794 version of the document had allowed — but to “the free white men of this State.”
Imagine that.

When someone says they just want to pass 'sensible gun safety regulation' call them a racist Kluxer, without irony.

The 1968 Gun Control Act was passed under the columns of smoke from riots after MLK was assassinated. 

You think crack cocaine was a CIA conspiracy but you ignore this? 

Friday, April 22, 2016


I need to more frequently drop the nigh-obsolescent words 'Gutta-Percha' into casual conversation.
Heck, I impressed some co-workers with the word macadam once.


I thought Micarta was a new thing.  Prolly made that assumption because the first time I became aware of it it was Micarta with carbon fiber fabric.  Carbon fiber is new, so micarta materials made with it must also be new?

Naw.  George Westinghouse was making micarta at least as far back as 1910.  You can make it with paper or canvas or fiberglass fabric.

It's just layers of stuff impregnated with some liquid resin and cured.

Makes good gun grips.

Back in 1910 you see those black rubber gun grips on stuff.  Often get chipped in their travel through the 20th Century.

I imagine a rubber grip was easy to make in a mold compared to shaping and checkering walnut or some bone product.

Micarta grips aren't cheap, but maybe they could be if it was the go - to material for grips.  But grips are SO last year.  Just make a gun with built in grips, as part of the stock or frame.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Or your money back

France guarantees to responds to any future terror attack in 20 minutes. 

Which is about 19 and a half minutes too late for many of the victims. 

Police aren't first responders.  They are second responders.  YOU are the first responder. 

A diffuse offense requires a diffuse defense.   If only the victims freely had the tools to respond...

Cat Calls

One of the feminist bugaboos getting ink in the last few years is about women walking down the street getting catcalls from construction workers.

The women bringing this up are usually in coastal urban settings.

States with very little condoned conceal carry.

Do women get catcalls from construction workers as much in Dallas?  Phoenix?  Indianapolis?  Memphis?  States where those ladies might have a defensive pistol concealed on their person?  You tell me.  Bound to be some women that enjoy walking tours of cities all over this great country of ours. 

I'm curious if anyone has noticed a difference.   Or a difference over time.  What would construction sites in New York sound like 3 years after a shall issue ruling at SCOTUS removes obstacles to exercising their rights.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Or just contrarian?

Do you trust your doctor?

Back in the 1980s, coffee was bad for you.  Meat was bad for you.  Booze like red wine or beer was bad.  Eggs, salt, lard, whole milk, lots of stuff... ALL bad for you.

Eat more grains!  See the food pyramid?  No more square meals, PYRAMID!  Eat more of this and less of that, rather that a balance of stuff.  Eat more polyunsaturated fats.  Corn syrup is also fine.

Now all those things that were bad are good for you.  Or not nearly as bad as thought.  And vicey versey with carbs and high fructose.

Back in the day, the USDA came up with the pyramid thing and the dietary guidelines.  As policy.  For the nation.  Turns out this was based on... iffy... science.  Hence the more recent turnarounds. 

You know what?  ALL the doctors I've seen in the past 30 years were all on board with the Fed's dietary policy and pushed it like they were ordered to.  They took their queue from the .gov and just accepted it.  Doctors that should be tuned into science and evidence based conclusions weren't.  They just accepted it "them gummint eggheads must know what they are talking about" and passed that right on down the line to us laypersons.   What gives?  What ELSE is my doctor willfully ignernt about now?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guns are Designed to Kill!

Yes, and?  Wouldn't be much use if they didn't.

Tuesday Bupkis

Like Monday's but on a Tuesday.

Did my taxes a bit ago.  Noticed recently I am gaining on the pile of money that grows versus the  pile of money that shrinks.  Prolly because I am buying less expensive guns and gun skool accoutrement.    Now, the trick is not to get a new hobby.  I have no place to set up a machine shop.

The news said housing price averages have finally got back to the high water mark of 2005.  Wouldn't know that around here.   And the DC suburbs?  If that region can't keep high housing numbers I don't know what other areas can do to keep up.  Where are these recovered values, anyway, outside of San Francisco?

I was lucky to have bought in 1999.  But buddies are all later purchases and more financially precarious.  So they keep a closer eye on local property values than I do.  Not one of them reports that Zillow is thinking of a higher number than what they bought for. 

A socialist wouldn't be a serious contender right now if we had had a few 4% GDP growth quarters since 2001