Monday, September 15, 2014

Yo, Second Amendment Foundation

If you want people to link to you, you might not want to yoink the banner image from your website we use to link to you.


The Boberg post I put up the other day...

When gripping with a thumbs forward grip, where is the Other Strong Hand's thumb?  Is it in an owie place?

(I am left handed.  My strong hand is my left hand.  It pulls the trigger.  My Other Strong Hand is my right hand.  Because there are no weak hands up in here!)

Gun Rights Arguments

The gun rights arguments being made 50 years ago in the face of gun ban efforts? 

They are exactly the same arguments as today.

There was a big push for gun control 50 years ago.  And a response from our side.  Something about an assassination bringing the issue to the forefront with a new sense of urgency.

We set forth a factual, well reasoned argument for our position, and it bounces right off of undecided people. 

Well, not entirely.  The needle has moved in our favor, but you have to repeat and repear the arguments over and over again.  Convince and cajole constantly.

We are lucky in that the other side grows less likable, and the promises gun bans put forward didn't bear the efficacious fruit.  And loosening anti-gun regulations DID correspond with greater safety!  Shazam!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Boberg 45

Saw this on Oleg's sight. 


A .45 Boberg.

So odd an OS.  And totally violates my policy of "75 years of field testing before T-Bolt will truly accept it."  But it sure does give me a bad case of the WANTS.

Naturally, I'd want to test fire it first.  And I've never SEEN one in the wild. 

That reminds me, I need to sniff around some gun shops a bit more.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boys In Blue

This question should have occured to me sooner.  'Why do police officers have blue uniforms?'

Old timey cops from the 19th Century up through today.  The police wear blue.  They just do.

I should have thought further and asked myself why.

Then I stumbled over this.

Summary...  No one knows....

Ok, probably because blue is easier to clean, coupled with inertia nowadays and some psychologist mumbo jumbo.  That's the TL:DR version.

Local and state cops here, where I live, wear brown

Friday, September 12, 2014

RC 2

Licorice whip is gonna whip your ass.


Aw yeah baby you know what I am talking about.


A handy dandy list of thousands of establishments that are a fer us, or agin us!  ~spit~

Who's who to boycott or patronize.

I didn't see that website come up in any of my blog reading perambulatings, so, I thought I'd share.

It looks like it is trying to be a free Angie's List of hoplophobes or people supportive of our civil rights.

I don't know if I can keep up with my boycott outrage with a list this long, in practice...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So THAT's what it was...

Crap, I got nuthin

For today.

I was think of stuff to say on this anniversary, but nothing really comes to mind other than a slight disappointment and dissatisfaction of our muted response to what happened 13 year ago today.  Especially compared to how we responded to things in December of '41.  And how feckless we are now compared to 1954.

I DID just pass 10,000 comments on this blog not too long ago, so there is that! 10,032 today.

Maybe I'll go to the range today.  Test the 'smithed' 1911 some more.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's a small world

It's a small world.

But I wouldn't wanna paint it.

(comments are disabled over there, so, I gotta add them here.)


Masaad Ayoob said recently: "With law enforcement hollow points, current ammo has made the 9mm a much more viable defensive choice than it used to be."

But everyone says that now.  Jeff Cooper is long in the cold cold ground and it doesn't look like he is coming back.  (Pity.)  So saying 'you need a round that begins with .4' is certainly not in fashion.

Why?  The ballistic gelatin doesn't lie!

And everyone cites that picture.

Wait.  Do that test again.  I've seen that picture a few times and it changes slightly, sometimes.  Fresh pictures.  I'm a bit jaded recently with stuff asserted as fact on the internet.  I'm ready to go along with it if you get similar results.  But doesn't the temporary cavity on the 9mm seem a little anemic to you too?  Like less than half as big when you think in 3 dimensions?  I dunno...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So the thing in Memphis lit a fire under a work buddy's butt to get his CCW.

He was the guy that lived in DC and has now moved to Virginia.

Dunno why the hurry now.  Not like violent flash mobs are a new thing.

He is former Marine and Air Force (don't ask) and hated the Beretta in service and is leaning toward .45 because... well... .45 is better.  Right?  I explained to him how a pistol is a pistol, pretty much, and quantity has a quality all its own.

He still like the feel of a .45 over a .40 and has rejected 9mm already.  Revolvers are right out in his mind.  The next question for him is WHICH .45.

I am a responsible gunnie.  Playing Devil's Advocate.  Getting him to question his assumption.  Tell him both sides.  Correct factual deficiencies.  Not interject my own preferences. 

Where were the CCW people in the Memphis Parking Lot?  Did they all use their situational awareness and di di mau before the action started?

Update:  Hmmm.  When you think about it...  When the action starts there is only a handful of victims.  What are the chances that out of a half dozen people one of them would be a CCW carrier?  Good question!  460,000 CCWs in TN, out of a population of 6,500,000.  A 1 in 14 chance, statistically. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

you see that?

You see that 'ramp' on the barrel of your non-Colt gun?  It should have just the one facet.  If it has more than one...  well someone somewhere was trying to fix a feeding issue...  It could have even been the guy at the factory.

You already know that the assemblers of your gun isn't as skilled as he or she used to be, right?  Oh sure, you could get lucky, or that assembler could have gotten lucky.  But consistent highly skilled people are expensive.  And this is true for all the 1911 makers.  The guy behind me had a VERY expensive pistol from a high end purveyor.

Every 1911 has something 'wrong' with it. (But don't get too cocky, Glock folks.  There is something wrong with your Precious, too.  And some safety parts that wear out pretty quick.  Sometimes within the first 200 rounds.  Gonna have to take a Glock armorers class to see some of them...)  So what is wrong with mine?

On this particular gun, the leaf spring is bit wonky.  The assembler did some funny bending of the middle finger that pushes on the disconnecter.  And the other fingers (let me double check which one...) to get the gun to pass a drop test, it seems.  Here is the safety check a factory spring would fail in my gun. 

  1. Safely dry fire your 1911, and keep holding the trigger and grip safety down.
  2. Rack the slide or pull the hammer back
  3. Release the grip part of the safety
  4. Then, slowly release the trigger.  The grip safety should click back into place.  You see that?  You hear the click?  If it doesn't...  you should address that.  Like, immediately.