Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am no longer welcome

I was born a Methodist  (Grandparents were...  Dad was a while but had drifted away quite a bit before my birth, but really, that is 'by birth' right?)  Now I am no longer welcome in any Methodist church, anywhere.

"The United Methodist Church that has been one of safety and sanctuary, every United Methodist Church is officially declared a weapon-free zone."

I am the weapon.  My knife, my pistol, my shoe, the candlestick I grab, a hymnal... there are just tool to make it easier on myself.

I am the weapon and now I am not allowed in the church.

Not very Christian of them, is it? 

You know what this is, right?

It's the Feds trying to get a facial recognition database of all Americans that know how to shoot.  If they can't easily get a gun registration list, they will get a shooter list, all via social media.

That's how they get ya!

And all it costs them to get you and your friends in their clutches is some ammo.  THAT's why all those gummint agencies have been buying up ammo in the past 7 years. 

I'm not falling for it, Barack!

Ammo-Ambassadors.  Even the name of the company has a quasi government title.  Ambassador.   I wonder if pixelate the new shooter you take to the range will help?  Everything but the smile, of course. 

It's like that Fast & Furious scheme, but this one will WORK!

"Has the cheese fallen off your cracker, T-Bolt?"

How DARE you.  Wait... cheese.... Mmmmmm, cheese.  Now I'm hungry.  What were we talking about?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Gun Banners keep saying that, and yet

Combat Vets Destroy the NRA’s Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy; The last thing a chaotic crime scene needs is more untrained civilians carrying guns.

There are precious few examples where gun fights erupt between a bad guy and a good guy more casualties than would have happened without a good guy result.  I can't think of one.  Also see all the Dodge City predictions when a state goes Shall Issue that never happens.

There is evidence the other way, tho...  Also tons examples of folks with zero training effectively defending themselves with a gun from a bad guy.  Even the Bradys admit to over 100,000 a year. 

I look forward to someone correcting me with additional facts.  But The Nation may be full of hooey.  Whole lotta strawmen in there, as well

I can't get enough of these

But not just for guns.  Guns add an extra interest, of course, but all those industrial process shows fascinate.  I can watch the episode of How It's Made about jet ski fabrication and be content.  Industrial processes of yesteryear even more so, like, say, a 1940s ditty about making mechanical cash registers in Dayton.  This video hits the trifecta.  Guns, Industry, History.

First time I've heard Garand's voice. Whoa nelly, what accent is that? The name might be French, but that doesn't sound French to me. (I know he is a Canadian import...)

Speaking of that, the Garand movies really helped me out, but I have never watched this for my M1A stuff.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton

Points to her husband's successes on gun control and says the country needs more gun control successes like that.

Hillary, your husband CAUSED those deaths in Oregon, it certainly can be argued.  Gun control is at least partly responsible.  The whole "Gun Free Schools" was a thing his administration made popular.  The college was disarmed thusly.  His gun control efforts are a direct result of those shooting deaths.  If he hadn't have done that, there is a much much better chance the nonsense wouldn't have caught on and spread and the school would just be another public place where the law abiding CCW people carried routinely.  And if there was a carrier in the the class there would at least have been a chance, a CHANCE, to nip this in the bud before the victim count climbed.

We need more gun control to prevent this in the future?  No.  We need less.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Goodbye Archie

My crotchety old WWII verteran neighbor known here at 'Archie Bunker' has died.  Friday morning, in his sleep.  He was 88 and a half.

Goodbye Ed.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Aw, yiss

Metrocon, fightin' the good fight.

Good for them.  Lots of positive pieces now.  During the W admin?  There wasn't nearly this many.

I love their Pew chart.

ninja VANISH

Saturday, October 3, 2015

In a Zed world...

The conservatives survive.

"In zombieland, there are three kinds of people: those who know how to use guns, those who learn how to use guns, and zombies."

Only because some conservatives have libertarian rugged individualist tendencies, yes.  Maybe I need to give the later seasons a second chance.  For the Dad jokes alone.

Shootin' Skool

"Shoot the green plates.  Don't shoot the red plates.  Go."

22 seconds.

"Relax.  Less grip.  Elbows down.  Flash sight picture instead of the really precise sight picture you got now.  Let the force flow through you, young padwan.  Lazy.   Lazy lazy lazy.  Relaxxxxxxx."

12 seconds.

Wow.  Going back for a few more session.  Let's see where this goes.

Gun Skool, part 22, pew pew pew

Going to gun skool this afternoon.  But not for smiffin'.  Maybe get learned on how to shoot better.  The gunsmith has that capability at his place in his simulator.  Though, if I decide to keep at it over enough sessions and it looks like it is doing me good, he does shift to live fire instruction.

You know what I also like about shooting training?  The instructor often has an arrangement with the local range.  Where ordinary Joe Schmoes are forbidden from drawing from a holster, with the instructor there you can do that.  Sometime, some places. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Foggy Details

People tell me the Oregon shooter is 20.

People, just now in a press conference, tell me the shooter passed background checks and got the guns he used legally.

People tell me the shooter had handguns.

All different people, but...

How does a 20 year old buy a handgun legally?  I am confused.

And distrustful of any 'facts' I get in the news.

This makes me mad

This guy.   Trying to paint gun culture as a racist thing.

No fool.  There is so much more signals that gun CONTROL is the racist thing.  Overt and covertly.  From before the civil war, through the Sullivan Act, and in any rule that required the local police official to sign off on whatever type of permit you needed.  And always a big Democrat thing.  It only got flipped to a liberal thing when the Democrats themselves flipped.  It's still racist, but now liberals try to hide that part.

The authors think the South, then and now, were violent because of slavery and racism.  But if not a single slave existed south of the Mason Dixon, and the whole region was mono-melaninned, the system of personal honor in place that the residents retained from the old world would still have colored a Southern man's attitude toward personal weapons, I am sure.   They say:
 "The slave South’s enthusiasm for public carry influenced its legal culture. During the antebellum years, many viewed carrying a concealed weapon as dastardly and dishonorable—a striking contrast with the values of the modern gun-rights movement. "
They really don't even comprehend the gun 'culture,' do they?  Which is really just a subset of something else they can't comprehend about the majority of their fellow citizens.  There is a reason that happened, but it seems to escape them.  When such things escape them, when they fail to apply the intellectual rigor to understand basic concepts, it is easy to discount their judgement elsewhere. 

Other commentors have gone on about how wrong they are, pointing to northern attitudes they gloss over, the anti-racist and pro-gun origins of the 14th Amendment,  etc.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mr. President

Let us defend ourselves.  Don't try to make the nation like the anti-gun Chicago and Baltimore.  They are getting worse.